Joe’s our guy! Here’s why…

For the first time in the 14 year history of our organization the BlueGreen Alliance has endorsed a presidential candidate. The stakes of this election are too high not to weigh in, we enthusiastically endorse Vice President Joe Biden for president and Senator Kamala Harris for vice president. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are staunch allies of both the labor and environmental movements and America needs their leadership in the White House. Joe Biden has put forward ambitious and achievable plans to tackle the pressing issues our nation faces. His climate, manufacturing, and infrastructure plans align well with our Solidarity for Climate Action platform. Implementing his plans would result in immediate action to help workers during the difficult times we are facing and will deliver jobs, economic and racial justice, and clean air and water.

Joe’s our guy, here’s why…

People’s Recovery from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of far too many, crippled our economy and tested the strength of our country. Joe’s plan for a recovery benefits all Americans. The current administration denies science and — more importantly — responsibility for its delayed response to this emergency. Biden promises the first thing he will do when elected to office is fight to end COVID-19.

Economic and Racial Equity

Joe Biden will target policies and investments to communities in need, including communities of color, low-income communities, and deindustrialized communities, and take actions to ensure a just transition for workers impacted by the shift to cleaner, cheaper energy. His actions back his words — he nominated Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, the first African American woman on a major party ticket.

Climate Change

Joe will recommit the U.S. to the Paris agreement and will enact policies that drive emission reductions that will put the U.S. on a pathway to net-zero emissions by 2050, including deploying clean energy and zero-carbon transportation technologies around the nation; low- and no-carbon energy production; massive investments in energy efficiency; and strong vehicle fuel economy standards and methane standards for the oil and gas industry. He is also committed to addressing the cumulative environmental impacts that burden frontline communities with disproportionate air, water, and land pollution, and climate risks.

Good-Paying, Union Jobs

Joe has been a steady supporter for the rights of workers to organize and negotiate for better wages and benefits and safer working conditions. He has a proven track record for supporting policies that increase union density — including the PRO Act, legislation in Congress that will make sure that workers that want to form union can—and understands the union job creating potential of the clean energy and technology sectors. Further, Biden’s plans will ensure federal spending is contingent on strong labor standards—including Buy America/n, David-Bacon and Project Labor Agreements, and Community Benefits Agreements—and would tie clean energy tax credits to labor standards. This will strengthen our supply chains and ensure we can make the things we need to protect ourselves and our environment here at home.

Rebuild and Retool American Manufacturing

Joe will champion a national strategy to lead the U.S. in clean and emerging technology production and supply chain development, including major investments in domestic advanced technology manufacturing and innovation, and an increase in funding for research, development, and deployment at scale to transform American industry.

Repair and Modernize the Nation’s Infrastructure

Joe Biden understands the urgent need and great job potential of repairing and modernizing America’s infrastructure systems, including transit, schools, water infrastructure, building energy efficiency, broadband, and investment in revitalizing and expanding the public sector.

Ensuring Health and Safety on the Job

Under Trump, OSHA has been toothless, especially during COVID-19. The agency wouldn’t even put out enforceable rules to protect the health and safety of workers in the middle of a pandemic that’s killing workers by the thousands. One of Joe’s top priorities — according to his 4-point plan for essential workers — will be protecting workers on the job, including improving the safety of industrial facilities with an ironclad commitment to improving safety and working conditions on the job for America’s workers.

For all those reasons, and many more, the BlueGreen Alliance is endorsing Joe Biden for president and Kamala Harris for vice president. They’re the team we need to build the future we want.

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